Distinctive Features of the Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

 Multum  in  parvo 


  • Strong  distinctive  character,  style  and  ambiance
  • In  spirit  -  nothing  commonplace,  nothing  mainstream,  nothing  prosaic,  nothing  ubiquitous,  nothing  vapid
  • The  Atlanta  is  sui  generis
  • It was famously stated on Trip Advisor by a guest of The Atlanta, "If you get it, you'll love it", by which was meant if you understand what The Atlanta is all about, you will love it
    • To look upon The Atlanta as merely a place to stay is to miss the quintessence of the hotel and to forgo The Atlanta experience
    • The Atlanta is not for everyone and has never claimed to appeal to everyone
    • The Atlanta is not in the mass market, nor is it "cool" in any modern way
    • The Atlanta has little in common with modern hotels, inns and guest houses, and turns the canons of modern hotel-keeping on their heads
    • The Atlanta appeals to a minority, and that is as it is meant to be
  • The Atlanta is Bangkok's bastion of wholesome and culturally sensitive tourism
    • The Atlanta stands alone as vanguard of wholesome tourism, in defiance of the sleaze and degeneracy for which Thailand is regrettably notorious
    • The Atlanta's brazen dauntlessness in the midst of the Sodom-and-Gomorrah of the 21st century has turned it into a respected Bangkok institution in the eyes of the more decent portion of humanity, and an object of ridicule and attack in the eyes of the degenerates
  • The Atlanta's history, unique and genteel character, and inimitable style and charm hark back to earlier, more cultivated times
    • The Atlanta's character may be said to be epitomized by its music
  • The Atlanta's haecceity has won the loyalty of guests who return year after year, decade after decade
    • The vast majority of The Atlanta's guests are regulars who have been coming to The Atlanta since the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s and even the 1960s, and a few who are still able to travel returning after having first stayed at The Atlanta in the 1950s
    • Many of The Atlanta's guests are second or third generation guests
    • Most of The Atlanta's first-time guests come through personal recommendation of regular guests 
    • The Atlanta has no 'passing trade'; nobody comes to The Atlanta by chance; if you do not know The Atlanta, you will never find it
    • The Atlanta's guests are therefore old friends of The Atlanta, and they are antitypical of the stereotypical tourist in Thailand
  • The Atlanta's loyal staff have nearly all been working at The Atlanta for over 20 years, many for over 30 years, and one (Anong, our celebrated restaurant manageress) for over 40 years
    • Everybody knows Anong - "The Atlanta would not be The Atlanta without Anong", just as "Rick's would not be Ricks without Sam", to quote a line from Casablanca
    • The loyalty of the staff undeniably fortifies the security of the premises for guests
  • The Atlanta is run as a test of the viability of those principles and values that are associated with it
    • The Atlanta is not run as a commercial enterprise with a view to maximising profits; its financial aim is merely to cover costs and care for the staff as well as the rescued animals, which explains why the tariffs are so low

Mystique and Grace
  • The Atlanta is said by all who are sensitive to have an enchanting and unforgettable mystique
  • Guests who are spiritually aware or sensitive to the ethereal note that they feel a benediction, a mystical grace, settling upon them when they sit quietly in the foyer / lobby or in the restaurant, particularly in the still of the late afternoon

Historic Architectural Features
  • Historic foyer / lobby - the oldest unlatered hotel foyer / lobby in Asia, with a floating grand staircase, designed and engineered by Berliner Dr Max Henn (1906-2002) in the 1950s, and influenced by central European theatre architecture and set designs of the 1920s and 1930s
  • The most photographed and filmed hotel foyer / lobby in Thailand
  • The first hotel swimming and diving pool (1954) in Thailand, with original rockery, stone walls, tables, floor
  • The first children's pool (1957) in Thailand (now disused)
  • Original 1950s suites with original 1950s bathrooms - all original except the furniture
  • One of the oldest travel agencies in Thailand
    • Detractors who disparage The Atlanta for her age are advised to visit some museums and historic monuments, read some history, and are reminded that they, too, will one day be old


The Atlanta is home to over 30 rescued cats, nearly 30 terrapins, and one dog.  The cats live in the staff section and are released into the garden in small numbers at a time every day.  The terrapins live in an enclosure with a pond, called the 'Professor Roy Wiles Mud Puddle', on one side of the garden.  Visitors to Thailand cannot but notice the poor conditions of cats and dogs in the streets, while terrapins are endangered through loss of habitat and through being surreptitiously exported to China and Vietnam where they are de-shelled live and eaten. The Atlanta does what it can to help give these creatures a home.  There are already far too many in the hotel to be comfortably accommodated.  Food, carer and veterinary bills are very high.  Guests who are good with animals are particularly welcome.


Old-Growth Tropical Rain Forest-like Garden
  • The Atlanta is the only city-centre hotel in Bangkok to have a genuine old-growth garden with its own residents, principally squirrels and birds, but also our pet cats, terrapins and one dog
  • Being at an advanced stage of ecological succession, with ancient vines and layers of canopies, it is a unique oasis in downtown Bangkok 

  • The Atlanta seeks to reduce its own carbon footprint through: 
    • the use of locally made materials and appliances with environmentally friendly certification
    • the use of energy-saving lightbulbs throughout
    • fan-cooled public areas
  • The Atlanta seeks to help you reduce your carbon footprint during your stay through: 
    • use of local produce and ingredients in the kitchen whenever possible
    • use of environmentally friendly detergents
    • enzyme waste-water treatment that meets the standard set by the Thai government


The Atlanta has the largest and finest selection of literary, scientific and news magazines of any budget hotel (perhaps of any hotel) in Thailand


Entertainment & Education
  • Well-selected Western classical music is played all day; music composed by H.M. The King of Thailand is played during lunch time; classic jazz and music contemporary with classic jazz are played in the evenings in the restaurant - all played very softly;  absolutely no pop music, and no ubiquitous 'muzak' / 'elevator music' / 'piped music' / 'canned music'
  • Occasional Western classical music recitals and Thai cultural shows free for room guests (outsiders not admitted - not at any price) 
  • Occasional talks by hotel guests on topics related to Thailand or the region

Health & Fitness

The Atlanta is probably the only budget hotel in Thailand to offer the use of a gym on the premises 


Security & Privacy
  • The Atlanta is probably the only budget hotel in Thailand to have strongboxes in all bedrooms:  one per occupant, and 10 to 13 cubic foot large strongboxes in suites
  • The Atlanta is unlike most hotels in that outsiders (non-room guests) are not permitted to wander about at will without prior permission from reception, and the restaurant is not normally open to outsiders (non-room guests)
  • The privacy, security and sensibilities of room guests take supreme priority over the interests of curious passers-by and the hoi polloi

Internet Access - Free Wifi Throughout

Free wifi everywhere on the premises 
Modest charge for use of the hotel's computers 



The  Atlanta  is  a  budget  hotel  for  lovers  of  good  dining - at fairy tale prices

Le patron mange ici

The Atlanta offers:

  • a uniquely famous annotated menu - the first and original annotated menu - which provides encyclopaedic information about Thai food and Thai table manners
  • an acclaimed breakfast menu
  • a family-oriented western lunch and dinner menu
  • a revival of the kind and style of western cooking that took place in The Atlanta's kitchen in the 1950s and 1960s
  • excellent Thai food
  • the largest selection of Thai VEGETARIAN dishes in the world (or perhaps it was at one time)
  • an informative menu of Thai wines
  • LOWEST  MENU  PRICES  in  this  part  of  Bangkok  -  guaranteed!
  • a restaurant that is also  a  LOUNGE  where  you  can  relax  comfortably  without  having  to  order  anything!

 The  Atlanta's  restaurant  and  premises  are  for  the  use  and  enjoyment  of  ROOM  GUESTS  ONLY. 
 OUTSIDERS  are  not  normally  served  unless  they  are  known  to  The  Atlanta.