Facilities at The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

 Multum  in  Parvo 

24-hour Reception and Hall Porter

Swimming & Diving Pool - Open 24-hours!
  • Guests who use the swimming pool at night are kindly requested to do so QUIETLY
    • Staff accommodations are next to and overlook the swimming pool, and the staff need to sleep to work the next day!
  • Though the swimming pool is old, the water is monitored and treated by Dinotech of Germany
  • There are sunbathing beds, deck chairs and hammocks, and a variety of seating arrangements, by the pool

Lush Old-growth Tropical Rain Forest-like Garden
  • There are garden reclining chairs and benches, and an attractive pergola with a table and a chair by the fountain, in the lush old-growth tropical rain forest-like garden whose inhabitants include squirrels and birds, The Atlanta's cats, terrapins and one dog

Free Wifi Throughout - Use of The Atlanta's Computers at a Modest Charge - 24-hours!

Scriptorium (Guests' Writing Room) - 24 hours!
  • The Atlanta offers uniquely among budget hotels an attractive scriptorum (or writing room) with art deco roll-top desks and an old art deco light table for viewing photographic slides and negatives
  • The scriptorum is conducive to work
  • Many books, including some famous ones, have been written in The Atlanta's scriptorum - these books are displayed in the cabinets which line the walls of the foyer / lobby of The Atlanta

Restaurant & Lounge - 07:00 hrs - 24:00 hrs, last orders 23:30 hrs
  • Onomatopoeically called 'AH!', which is also the acronym for 'Atlanta Hotel', the restaurant offers a very extensive and educative menu, with an acclaimed breakfast menu, a very large selection of Thai vegetarian dishes, and a good selection of Western dishes that were on the menu at The Atlanta in the 1950s and are prepared in the same way as they were in the 1950s
  • The menu also introduces a few of the best Thai wines
  • 'AH!' is also a lounge where guests may relax, read or use wifi without having to order anything

Newspapers & Magazines
  • The Atlanta offes in the restaurant local English language newspapers and a fine selection of literary, scientific and news magazines
    • The selection is the finest in any budget hotel and quite possibly in any hotel in Thailand

Book Exchange
  • The Atlanta offers in the restaurant a free book exchange

Gym - 09:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs - Keys at Reception
  • The Atlanta is probably the only budget hotel to offer a gym on the premises
  • There is a small charge for use of the gym

Laundry Service - Overnight Service or Same-Day Express Service
  • The launcry service at The Atlanta is wet-wash and hand-ironed, not dry cleaning
  • The charges are unbelievably economical

Travel Agency - Monday-Saturday, 09:00 hrs-17:00 hrs, or by Appointment
  • The small travel agency at The Atlanta, run by 'Lek', does not belong to The Atlanta
  • The travel agency is one of the oldest in Thailand
  • The agency also provides visa services, airport transfers, general information and no-nonsense advice on all local matters

Free Poste Restante
  • The Atlanta will keep post / mail and parcels for guests pending arrival, but only if The Atlanta has been asked in writing (letter, fax or e-mail) to do so

Free Left-Luggage






Car Parking in the Lane Only
  • The Atlanta does NOT have any parking spaces for cars
  • Guests arriving by car should park in the lane in front of or before The Atlanta
  • The lane is generally considered to be safe, and several nearby premises have guards on duty 24-hours

Bicycle Parking Only on the Pavement / Footpath Outside The Atlanta
  • Bicycles may not be brought into The Atlanta, and certainly NOT upstairs to the rooms
    • Bicles may not be brought into The Atlanta because their pedals and other parts can and often do cause damage to doors, door frames and walls
  • Bicycles may be parked on the pavement / footpath in front of The Atlanta where they can be chained to pillars and steel loops securely affixed for that purpose
    • Staff motorcycles are similarly parked on the pavement / footpath
    • The area is generally considered to be safe, and several nearby premises have guards on duty 24-hours