The  Atlanta  is  a  budget  hotel  for  LOVERS  of  GOOD  FOOD  and particularly  for  VEGETARIANS

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The Atlanta offers:

  • a uniquely famous annotated menu - the first and original annotated menu - which provides encyclopaedic information about Thai food and Thai table manners
  • an acclaimed breakfast menu
  • a family-oriented western lunch and dinner menu
  • a revival of the kind and style of western cooking that took place in The Atlanta's kitchen in the 1950s and 1960s
  • excellent Thai food
  • the largest selection of Thai VEGETARIAN dishes in the world (or perhaps it was at one time)
  • an informative menu of Thai wines
  • LOWEST  MENU  PRICES  in  this  part  of  Bangkok  -  guaranteed!
  • a restaurant that is also  a  LOUNGE  where  you  can  relax  comfortably  without  having  to  order  anything!

 The  Atlanta's  restaurant  and  premises  are  for  the  use  and  enjoyment  of  ROOM  GUESTS  ONLY. 
 OUTSIDERS  are  not  normally  served  unless  they  are  known  to  The  Atlanta.