The Atlanta  is  popular  with  veterinarians  and  with  people  who  work  in  animal  welfare 

It is at first glance perhaps strange that a hotel in Thailand should be associated with animal welfare, until one learns that the founder of The Atlanta, Dr Max Henn (1906-2002), loved aminals - dogs and cats in particular - and always had dogs and cats on the premises even before the Atlanta Chemical Company which he founded evolved into The Atlanta Hotel.  The first dog was a German shepherd called Jimmy, and the first cat was called Puppy.  That was in the 1950s.  Both are buried under the mango tree by the terrapin pond which is known as the Professor Roy Wiles Mud Puddle, named after the noted fresh water biologist who is a friend of The Atlanta.  Dr Max Henn's wife, Khun Mukda, is, like her sisters, very compasionate and concerned to ameliorate the suffering of animals.  It is largely owing to her that The Atlanta now has more than 30 rescued cats and more than 20 rescued terrapins.


 A  note  to  veterinarians    Veterinarians of verifiable professional competence are welcomed to introduce themselves to The Atlanta when making their reservations by stating thus in the 'Special Requests' section of the Reservation Form if they are willing to offer their services by advising on or examining pets and other animals at The Atlanta.  The animals and the owners of The Atlanta would be most grateful!    


An Empyrean Cloister for a Rescued Dog


An Arborous Heaven for Rescued Cats


An Udanvatic Life for Terrapins ... by the Professor Roy Wiles Mud Puddle